Thursday, January 9, 2014

37 weeks

pejam celik dh nk penghujung dh. 

was staying at home for couple of weeks now (kira start cuti la konon) cuz cepat sgt penat when i go back and forth to work. so not uncomfortable.

but even duk rumah pun, i was struggling siapkan my thesis. very determined to settle it before i go into labour. alhamdulillah i did it. 

sort of. biasalah masters ni kan byk stage. i sent to my supervisor for her to check. tp nk buat corrections lps tu mmg x smpat la kot. kalau ikut due, i have to sent back my corrections to faculty by 13 feb. by then, i probably dh deliver my baby and be in my pantang dah. confirm susah nk buat thesis tu. anyway, at least i've done my part. hopefully x byk corrections lah. 

getting nearer to my due makin nervous lak. read a lot of infos and ask a lot of experienced ppl. mmg la kt tau it's gonna hurt but god knows how much it's gonna hurt right?

last 2 days i was having a terrible back pain, so i decided to go check at the hospital (which i regretted). dhla tunggu berjam, lepas tu kena seluk pulak to see my laluan. baru 1 cm , doc ckp.

bila dh rasa kena seluk tu yg sakit, i was like..ya allah yg tu pn sakit, mcmana nk bersalin nnti ni. 

it could be anytime soon now. not yet having any contractions but i do hope i can tahan the pain. Ya Allah, permudahkanlah..

part of me just want the baby out already. penat.. but another part of me says, can i skip the labour part? lols.

pray for me and wish me luck!

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