Thursday, January 9, 2014

37 weeks

pejam celik dh nk penghujung dh. 

was staying at home for couple of weeks now (kira start cuti la konon) cuz cepat sgt penat when i go back and forth to work. so not uncomfortable.

but even duk rumah pun, i was struggling siapkan my thesis. very determined to settle it before i go into labour. alhamdulillah i did it. 

sort of. biasalah masters ni kan byk stage. i sent to my supervisor for her to check. tp nk buat corrections lps tu mmg x smpat la kot. kalau ikut due, i have to sent back my corrections to faculty by 13 feb. by then, i probably dh deliver my baby and be in my pantang dah. confirm susah nk buat thesis tu. anyway, at least i've done my part. hopefully x byk corrections lah. 

getting nearer to my due makin nervous lak. read a lot of infos and ask a lot of experienced ppl. mmg la kt tau it's gonna hurt but god knows how much it's gonna hurt right?

last 2 days i was having a terrible back pain, so i decided to go check at the hospital (which i regretted). dhla tunggu berjam, lepas tu kena seluk pulak to see my laluan. baru 1 cm , doc ckp.

bila dh rasa kena seluk tu yg sakit, i was like..ya allah yg tu pn sakit, mcmana nk bersalin nnti ni. 

it could be anytime soon now. not yet having any contractions but i do hope i can tahan the pain. Ya Allah, permudahkanlah..

part of me just want the baby out already. penat.. but another part of me says, can i skip the labour part? lols.

pray for me and wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

thesis and baby.

it's been tiring really to be studying for 4 years now for my masters. sigh the neverending journey..

but alhamdulillah, i finally settled my viva. i got my masters but with 3 months correction time. still got some labworks to do and writings. i considered myself lucky i didn't fail. it was close call. rezeki baby maybe. 

towards my viva day too, my husband was admitted to the hospital for denggi berdarah. it was a scary thing as his platelet was dropped to 9! luckily he recovered thanks to the prayers from family and friends. masa tu tuhan je la yg tau how i was really tired carrying my baby and going back and forth to the hospital taking care of my husband. and then right after that, i was struggling with getting my research done for the presentation day. pagi smpai malam mengadap laptop everyday. mcm nak pengsan.

it kinda sucks. at 30 weeks pregnant now and getting heavier each day, it's a challenge to move around (dahla lab tingkat 10) and to perah otak trying to solve all the problems in my research. and thesis wiritings (oh man!) i thought boleh relaks after viva but clearly i'm wrong. sometimes i feel i want to take my maternity leave now and eat desserts everyday. eh?

but time is so limited for me. i really hope i can get it all done before i deliver so i can move on after that and focus on my baby. 

talking about my baby, pejam celik dah 30 weeks. baby is so active nowadays sometimes it hurts. as much as i'm excited for my baby to come out, it's scary too. scary for the labour pain and more importantly scary for how are we gonna cope with a baby. i'm sure our lives gonna change after that. 

so many things to think about. right now i'm thinking more about financials. clearly, there's a lot that we have to buy and provide for the baby (and for mommy too). being married and living on our own is quite tougher on the financials compared to living with ur parents/in laws i think. and the fact that i dont really have a proper income worries me. i still dont think it's enough for just my husband to have an income. tak cukup wei. living in kl is high cost i think both husband and wife working is more balanced. plus i just finished my masters i'm  not ready yet to let go of my dream job.

although yes, with all these horror stories of babysitters and my own experience, of course kalau boleh i want to take care of my baby myself. gosh i hope we get a good babysitter later (altho belum cari lagi) and probably nearer to my office (wherever i will work later). one other thing is to work and being a mother. pheww even being pregnant and wife pun dah terasa kepenatannya. going home from work, going thru traffic jams and then cooks for my husband and doing all the household chores. i wonder what's it like when we have a baby. ini belum cerita baby meragam lagi.

i think we bought a lot of the essentials already and probably some last shopping within this month. who knows, labour can happen anytime now right? *nervous*

my husband punya nature of job pulak is so busy. i understand his job tapi dah akhir2 pregnancy ni risau jugak sorg2 at home whenever he's outstation. what if suddenly nk terberanak? who am i gonna call? omg semoga terpelihara lah. 

3 months to go. for my thesis and for the delivery of my baby. coincidence tak together-gether? 

semoga dipermudahkan!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

focus on the positive.

i figure the previous post was a little too much so i remove it. not all people could really understand it so lets just save it as one of my family dramas and dugaan i have to face.

not happy about it though but focusing on the positive part now.

just breath and smile. :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

of pregnancy and others.

hello there!

it's been a while..

guess what? we're 3 months married already and i'm almost 9 weeks pregnant!

time flies huh..

i've heard about all this crazy symptoms pregnant ladies experience but alhamdulillah, not so crazy for me.

but oh dear, i'm always tired!

like really tired exhausted even when i'm not doing anything.

lucky for me, i dont have all those muntah-muntah symptoms, only loya-loya a bit. i'm like extra hygienic now. i cannot smell anything dirty. everything must be clean. even sweeping the floor makes me loya sometimes.

cooking too has been a challenge now. at the beginning of our marriage, i was all oh so excited to cook. and i'm proud to say that i can cook!. lol. talent tak pernah discover sgt. but not great like all those chefs la. still learning.

anyway, since like few weeks ago. cooking routine has been reduced. i no longer have that excitement to cook anymore and somehow everything in the kitchen smells blergh.

and exactly right now, still feeling so tired, muscles aches, bloated. oh my god very bloated it's so uncomfortable. annndd my sinus is worse during pregnancy. blocked nose, bloated, not so good combination.

anyway, not trying to complaint but i hope it'll be over soon. cuz all this tiredness making me so unproductive at work/studies. need to finish up thesis/lab a.s.a.p! (yea i know been saying this like forever)

makan pun challenging now. selera makan not so much like before. but yang buat i selera gila is fruits! fresh fruit juice! yummm. but ever since selalu beli at pasar chowkit, we cannot find fruits at other stores or pasars yg berkenan. lol. chowkit punya super delicious and cheap!

but seriously, i want more fruits now.

oh my. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

malaysian politics.

only one thing to say.

why the hatred?

stop talking bad about other people and focus on what you can do for the country. 

and i dont understand those hardcore supporters who always hated each other. it's always 'dia org sana' 'dia org sini'. so what? everybody has different views and opinions. 

jarang sangat that we can talk openly about politics in malaysia without being bias to any political parties. if we ask the supporters why they sokong their respective parties, their answers were never satisfying! most of the time they always kutuk the other side and said that they're better. how to have open conversation like thaatt?

ok emo pulak.

seriously people, be nice to one another okay? stop the hatred. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

our honeymoon @ tioman island

initially, we planned to go somewhere else for our honeymoon. but then one of syib's relatives wanted to give us a wedding present, a sponsored hotel room under Berjaya. so we thought, hey, jimat kos, why not? there are several hotels/locations under Berjaya Malaysia. we chose tioman. 

the night after the majlis bertandang in the afternoon, we took the bus from TBS since it's just like 5 mins  away from our current house. we have never been to TBS before so we're a bit jakun. so impressed with the place, the facilities and the service. macam airport!

we started our journey around midnight and arrived at mersing about 5 in the morning. from the bus station, we walk to the jetty to wait for our ferry. there was one counter selling ferry tickets at the bus station (we bought ours there) but you can also buy them at the jetty. after suboh prayers and breakfast, we checked in ourselves at the tempat menunggu for the supposed to be 8.30 am ferry. turned out the ferry only arrived around 10 for god knows why. sigh. 

you must know which kampung you're staying bcuz the ferry will make a few pit stops to send passengers at different kampung. pulau tioman is so big there are several kampungs and you can only travel kampung to kampung by boat. there is no proper jalan darat. ours was at kampung tekek so we arrived there about 1 and a half hour later from the jetty. i guess we were so tired from the majlis the day before. after checking in our hotel room, went for lunch and then slept all the way. lol.

we rented a motorcycle to jalan2 around the kampung. since it's not peak season, they are flexible on the rate. we can rent by day or by hours. depending on availability as well. it's convenient if u wanna go check out for more variety of restaurants and convenient stores other than at the hotel. 

so the first night was not so much activities for us (cuz time spent sleeping! lol). we had early seafood dinner at a nearby restaurant and then went round the kampung and just lepak at the beach. it was beautiful at night as you can see stars in the sky. subhanallah sangat cantik. 

the next day was our island hoping day! we got best price from locals to bring only both of us in the boat for the tour. woohoo! we started early around 8.30am. after suboh, went out and had our breakfast at the jetty, lepak a bit then off we went! oh if u go there, dont forget to eat the nasi lemak at the shop opposite the jetty. cant remember the name but it's always full. super delicious!

and then all i can say is just that it was a beautiful experience. subhanallah. the boatman took us to several places, we enjoyed every single pitstops. corals are beautiful and the fishes are so many! worth every penny. it was even more exciting because syib bought along his waterproof casing for his dslr camera so we got so many beautiful pics it's so difficult to choose for posting. semua pun cantik!

 i wanna show a lot more pics here but it's just too many. oh well, enjoy. 
bye tioman. it was definitely a great trip. totally recommended for beach/sea lovers.
looking fwd for many explorations together!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

23 March 2013.

Alhamdulillah, it's been 13 days since our wedding. On 23rd March, with one lafaz, we're finally married! Sometimes we couldn't believe it ourselves and poking each other and like 'eh kt dah suami isteri ke ni?' 

so thankful and sangat puas hati with everything on that day. the nikah ceremony was in the morning, it was simple and sweet. paling puas hati is the diy pelamin! hehe i'm lovin it. happy that i came out with the idea and my friends and family members helped out. paling best is that i can use every items back. yeay! tiada pembaziran di situ. 

i promised myself not to cry on that day tapi alahai, upon seeing syib crying when he salam-ed his mother, terus drama menangis kat situ. it was overwhelming when i hugged my dad, nda and my aunties. like one of my aunties said (who cried too lol), it was tears of happiness. alhamdulillah. 

the reception at night was perfect too. it was not too formal, not so unformal, it was in between, just how i like it. some of the guests came to me and said that it was a lovely wedding which makes me happy. kinda worried that they'll be uncomfortable with the late makan time etc. alhamdulillah guests were comfortable. (i think). 

was nice catching up with friends and family members. although many couldn't make it to the wedding but i'm a happy kid! :p

couldn't thank enough my family, friends and everyone helping out through the wedding and everyone who gave us beautiful presents! most importantly, your doa's. 

syukur. :')